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Delivering high quality machined parts and fabrications fast and at affordable pricing without jeopardizing quality requirements.

Cutting 3/16" Thick Steel

Delivering high quality machined parts and fabrications fast and at affordable pricing without jeopardizing quality requirements.

The KMMP Guarantee

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Kettle Moraine Metal Products is one of the most advanced sheet metal fabrication shops in the industry.  We have the manufacturing capabilities to produce nearly any precision metal part, fabrication or weldment you may need. We are the sheet metal and fabrication manufacturer companies turn to for precision metal fabrications and machined parts. Comprehensive fabrication services, secondary forming, cnc machining, cnc turning, welding, tube laser cutting, tube bending, finishing processes, and more are available to meet the unique needs of our customers and it is all managed and done at our facility with no need for KMMP to outsource any portion of a customer program.

When you're looking for a reliable source for your machining and fabrication needs, please take into consideration that we have worked hard to build our reputation for consistent on time delivery of the highest quality parts on each and every order with zero defect.

We are dedicated to earning your trust and confidence on every order and project.  Kettle Moraine Metal Products will always identify and acknowledge all the important details that you require. We are the outsource partner you can trust.

Kettle Moraine Metal Products puts machined, fabricated components and assemblies in your hands in unbelievable time frames without sacrificing quality. If you need parts fast, to print and at a fair price, Kettle Moraine Metal Products is your solution. Submit your parts for quote and you will receive pricing and ship date options in less then a few hours or try our new instant quote system for laser cut parts. Choose one of our expedited services and your parts could be shipping in 24 hours or less.

Latest News from the KMMP shop floor

Our laser cutting department has just added the largest/ fastest fully automated 30,000 watt fiber laser in the Mid-west and the third largest in the United States to our fleet. We are also excited to inform our customers that Kettle Moraine Metal Products has finished installing our own in-house powder coating systems to help reduce lead times and save cost to our customers. No minimal order sizes are required and will be processed 100% at Kettle Moraine Metal Products.

Rapid Turnaround

Using the most State of the Art technologies and employing highly skilled employees, Kettle Moraine Metal Products produces highly accurate parts in as fast as 24 hours from time of order.


Offering high-precision tolerances ranging from +/-0.0005″ – 0.006″, depending on customer specifications and requirements.


Select from a variety of finishes on solid metal and plastic parts, built to precise design specifications.

Material Selection

Working weekly with over 50 different metal and plastic materials.

Cutting 3/16" Thick Steel

Additionally Added VMC's

Newly Added Turning Center

Monthly Product Showcase

Kettle Moraine Company News

5/22/22: KMMP has started on the new powder coat lines which will be fully operational in August of 2022

4/16/2022: KMMP purchases the largest/ fastest fiber laser in the midwest and third largest in the US

4/2/22: KMMP adds another 16,000 sq ft of manufacturing floor space

3/15/22: KMMP purchases 3 additional turning centers with live tooling

2/20/22: KMMP purchases 2 additional new electric press brakes

1/27/22: KMMP purchases another 12,000 watt fiber laser

12/28/20: KMMP adds an additional 8,000 sq ft to fabrication division along with new additional  state of the art fabrication equipment

12/24/20: KMMP launches a complete 3D printing and plastic filament production division

12/4/20: KMMP purchases a laser etching/ engraver machine

12/2/20: KMMP purchase 6000 watt Tube Laser

12/1/20: KMMP adds another new vmc to machining divison

11/20/20: KMMP now offering custom laser cut signage and design

Cutting 1/4" Thick Steel

Newly Added VMC

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