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Kettle Moraine Metal Products provides Cnc milling services from prototype parts thru high volume production parts with exceptionally close tolerances and attention to detail no matter if it is 1 part prototype or 1,000's of parts required the standard does not change.


Our facility houses high-end vertical machining centers (VMCs) specifically engineered for high-speed, high-accuracy, and high-productivity milling, drilling, and tapping with multi-axis machining capabilities. Our technically trained machining staff knows how to program, setup and ruun these VMCs to their fullest capabilities, which allows us to produce high-quality milled components at a very competitive price and in lead times our customers need. 

Featuring spindle speeds of up to 12,000 RPM, rigid tapping speeds of up to 8,000 RPM, these VMCs are true workhorses on the shop floor. Intelligent tooling selection, such as conical tools or a ball nose cutters, allow us to considerably improve milling precision without compromising speed. We can consistently achieve close tolerance accuracy of ±0.0003" on complex engraved features and flat-surface operations.

In addition to standard and high-performance grades of many different metals and metal alloys, we are proficient at machining numerous types of plastic resins. We can manage projects that involve a handful of parts for a prototype project all the way up to ongoing high volume production.


Additional specialty services, including micro-deburring and vibratory finishing, are available to improve surface finishes and enhance part quality.

We do a significant amount of work for the aerospace, medical, defense, and general industrial markets by building strong relationships with our customers.

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