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Kettle Moraine Metal Products has grown to be a major supplier of high-quality turned parts used in aerospace, medical, defense, and general industrial applications. By leveraging the latest in precision machining technology, we achieve fast cycle times while consistently holding tolerances as close as ± .0001" on length and diameter and ±.00008" on roundness. Our CNC turning capabilities are supported by a knowledgeable and responsive staff of manufacturing and customer service professionals who are committed to delivering an exceptional level of service.

Our CNC turning equipment incorporates high-speed spindles and sub-spindles, which allows us to machine using up to three tools simultaneously. Combined with live tooling capability, we can machine features such as complicated thread patterns and intricate internal features with minimal setup. Advanced technology CNC control systems in combination with intelligent tooling allows for highly accurate and repeatable production at higher rates. The consistency and efficiency of our CNC turning process produces parts that exhibit the highest level of quality and craftsmanship.

We are experienced at turning parts constructed from all different types of plastics and metals, including high-performance grades and exotics. Our technicians are also proficient with the unique requirements of machining various types of plastic. We turn parts with maximum dimensions of 18.00" in length x 5.625" in diameter, and manage quantities that range from short run to high volume production.

Our ISO Quality Management System ensures we maintain quality and accuracy. We continually monitor tolerances to ensure we meet critical dimensional requirements. Agile and responsive, we are positioned to take on your most challenging projects.

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