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2D Flat Bed Laser Technology


Our flat bed laser system is able to produce smooth, continuous edges on our parts. Some other capabilities of our flat bed laser system include: etching, part marking, edge quality, sprocket cutting and saw blade edge cutting.

We have a high-speed shuttle table that provides faster loading and unloading capabilities to each of the machines. We house (2) towers with 10 shelves each to feed the laser. The towers are fully programmable and allows for partially processed products to be interrupted and returned to the tower to be processed later, if need be.

Our flat bed laser is a two-dimensional flat sheet-cutting machine that handles sheet sizes up to 6′ x 13′ and capable of cutting material thicknesses’ up to 1.25″ mild steel, .500″ stainless steel and .375″ aluminum.

Our flat laser system has shuttle table which allow us to load/unload a new sheet for production while the laser is processing the current sheet. The second table is set up to automatically switch as soon as the first table has completed processing, allowing for a smooth transition and continuous work flow. We offer in-house programming, short lead-times and prototyping.

Tube Laser Technology

  • Processes tube lengths of up to 22.5′.

  • Has the ability to auto load round, square, rectangular, flat, oval, and special shaped tubes.

  • Round stock tube diameters range from 0.5″ to 12.00″ and rectangular tubing up to 8″ x 3″.

  • The programming system of the tube laser allows for quicker program preparation and 3D visualization of the finished components.

Tube laser cutting is able to eliminate many manual operations such as sawing, drilling, punching, notching, machining, and deburring which is replaced by a machine that consolidates these functions into one continuous cutting process. This greatly reduces the costs to you, our customer. With this machine being able to perform multiple functions, it can reduce labor costs by up to 50% compared to non-tube laser machining operations.

Material types that can be processed with the tube laser are mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

With tube laser, Kettle Moraine Metal Products is capable of producing parts with a variety of features, from slots to holes to miters in various shapes and sizes. Virtually any type of geometry can be cut into tubes, wherever your imagination takes you so can the tube laser.

Cutting 3/16" Thick GR50 Steel

Cutting 1/8" wall tube

Cutting 1/4" Thick GR80 Steel

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