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Our state-of-the-art facility is well equipped to take on all types of welding challenges.

Our skilled, AWS certified welding staff have years of welding experience and can provide a full range of services ranging from structural and plate welding to light gauge welding. We weld on most alloys, including steel, stainless, aluminum, and cast iron. 

Kettle Moraine Metal products has full capabilities for the following welding services:

  • TIG

  • MIG

  • Oxy-Acetylene

  • Robotic Welding

  • Laser Welding

  • Robotic Laser Welding

  • Cobot Welding

The competitive advantages of robotic welding and the implementation of lean welding techniques allow for increased throughput while lowering overall fabrication costs. Robotic welding is also more accurate and precise, thus provides better production values across-the-board on the parts we produce for our customers. Give us the opportunity to show you what our robotic welder can do and you’ll become a believer in this technologic advantage as well! We are also expert at providing design suggestions for improving manufacturability and lowering overall production costs. Put our team to work for you!

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